Meeting Lucy Brogden

Living and loving someone with a mental illness is one of the most difficult challenges life can throw at you.

This year, Lucy Brogden, stood before an audience to publicly address her husband’s challenges with depression. Speaking candidly but passionately, Lucy solidified her place as one of my role models. An organisational psychologist with long and established commercial experience, Lucy’s appointment as the National Mental Health Commissioner could not be better deserved.

As an Expert Panellist for CCNB Community Care + Wellbeing, I had the honour of meeting Lucy for the first time today, and hearing some of the challenges the sector faces in mental health and wellbeing in our community. With my youth experience, I am very excited to work with Lucy and the incredible CCNB Expert Panellists to bring better services to every Australian.

We’re here to help you understand, navigate and connect with the care and support you need.

We’re care advisers with extensive knowledge and experience of the Northern Sydney area. We make things happen.

We don’t provide care directly but we work with you to ensure your needs are met.

We adopt a holistic approach by looking at all your care and support needs, from medical treatment to help with the housework in order to keep you living as independently as possible.

We guide you through a health and care system that’s often hard to understand, to help you learn, navigate and plan. We then connect you with the services that best meets your needs.

Phone: 1300 002 262 | Website
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