Leaving Telco

Today was a bittersweet last day at the NSW Telco Authority. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a highly skilled, fast-paced and professional Policy Unit, led by the wonderful Rochelle Kelly.

Although my time with Telco was brief, I learned the importance of a values-based approach to producing high quality proactive policy in the telecommunications sector. From writing policy primers to nutting out risk registers, I was challenged for time, knowledge and experience to do and be my best.

A huge thank you to: my team, Rochelle, Alan Green, Sean Carmichael and Nick Maxwell for all their patience and encouragement; my fellow Graduates (especially at Telco, Jennifer Dang, MPH, Alex Smith, Christian Chillari, Nick Peters, Tom Fitzpatrick and Emma Holloway) for their unwavering support, mateship and banter; and to the NSW Government Graduate Program for giving me such an incredible flying start to my career.

Next week, I start on my newest adventure back at the NSW Department of Justice. I cannot wait!

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