I haven’t been great lately. Between making stupid decisions and questioning myself, I have been working hard to keep my head above the water.

Today, a brilliant young woman, Kimberley La, invited me back to Macquarie University SRC’S Mental Health Month activities. I met Kim when she was in Year 8, and she was doing groundbreaking work at her high school to change the way in which mental health is addressed. Her effort, Cloud 9, is now in several schools.

I returned to MQU on Kim’s invitation to share my story. As with all things mental health, the crowd wasn’t huge because it wasn’t a tabloid-y event like a dedicated RU OK? Day ‘celebration’. It was small and intimate, but those are the best kinds.

What I love the most about sharing my story and involving myself in policy is meeting people and today I was blessed to meet a young man who had he courage to ask me for guidance. He talked me through some of what he was going through and why he felt that way. I shared some strategies and insights, and he knows I’m here for him to lean on. Every person is so unique and every person deserves better.

I am always so honoured to meet such incredible people on my own mental health journey.

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